SEO Training in Nepal

1 Month Course

SEO Training in Nepal

SEO Training in Nepal

This Certified Advanced SEO Training in Nepal (CAST) is designed to help you master the essential skills to manage your website and rank it high enough on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to get new leads and make sales.

Course Description

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by business owners/web masters to rank their websites, blogs, etc. high on major search engines (like Google) by making necessary changes to the existing website. The change should be such that it increases user experience and helps users find solutions to their problems.

Who employs Search Engine Optimization?

It’s crucial for any business to have a “SEO Optimized website” that represents a brand. With over 40,000 search queries made on Google per second, it’s easy to get your business/products/services in front of huge targeted audience eager to make a purchase. A huge percent of people might already be searching about your business/products/services.

Almost every type of business you can think of can leverage Search Engine Optimization. In Nepal, Facebook marketing is commonly used by:

Brands: Restaurants, electronics, food, home goods–almost all sorts of brands

Local business: Educational consultancies, travel agencies, advertising agencies, interior designing companies, handicraft business, and other local business.

Personalities: Celebrities, politicians, musicians, authors, actors or anybody who makes money through being known.

Non-profit organization: NGOs, INGOs, Charities, public service campaigns, political groups.

Key features of SEO Training in Nepal by eLance

Why SEO Training in Nepal by eLance

With a vision to be the best digital marketing training institute in Nepal, Elance has been conducting the best in-class SEO training programs ever since it was inaugurated. Among over 1,000 students whom we have trained, 97% always have good things to say about us. A huge percentage of them either have established their own organization, or been appointed by reputed agencies on reputed positions like SEO Analyst, SEO Executive, etc. Lot of our students also have started Freelancing and earning too. With all these stats, we are confident to deliver training of value.

Course Content

Welcome program & General walk-through to the 1-Month SEO Training

✓ Domain and how to buy it (Free .com domain will be provided to each student for 1 year, worth Rs. 1,500/-)
✓ Hosting and how to buy it (Free hosting will be provided to each student for 1 year, worth Rs. 1,500/-)
✓ Theme Installation
✓ Demo content import from theme files
✓ Creating Pages
✓ Adding menu, posts, tags, categories, posts in page, etc.
✓ Customizing your site
✓ Installing important plugins
✓ Setting up Yoast Plugin for on-site SEO!

✓ Keywords Everywhere (Free Tool)
✓ (Free Tool)
✓ Secret Free Tools
✓ Ahrefs (Premium Tool – Free access will be given to students, worth Rs. 25,000/-)
✓ Spying on competitors (using Ahrefs) to steal their HIGH PAYING keywords
✓ Finding LSI Keywords the right way
✓ Organizing & documenting researched keywords for next phase

✓ Finding topic ideas that is sure to bring lots of traffic.
✓ Using SEO Tools like BuzzSumo and other tools for Topic Research.
✓ Crafting Google-friendly & user-friendly title.
✓ Writing SEO Contents that ranks and banks.
✓ Exposure to content writing tools and software.
✓ Pillar Page Concept.

✓ Posting articles to WordPress site THE RIGHT WAY!
✓ Using Yoast SEO Plugin to make on-site SEO perfect
✓ Getting to know about on-site SEO factors
✓ Know how to get any article to page 1 within 10 minutes

✓ Facebook Page Creation and Optimization (SMO)
✓ Social Media Graphic Design hacks
✓ Introduction to running ads on Facebook (Just a brief walk through)
✓ Driving traffic from Pinterest
✓ Driving Traffic from Quora

✓ Understanding the actual meaning of Site Maps and Robots.txt
✓ Site Map Creation & Submission
✓ Setting up Robot.txt
✓ Learning how to monitor SEO growth using GSC
✓ Understanding the Meaning of CTR (Click Through Rate)
✓ CTR growth hack that can boost organic traffic immediately
✓ Schema Markups and their usages
✓ Using Google Analytics to monitor organic growth

✓ Site Audit using Ahrefs
✓ Site Audit using GTMetrix
✓ Site Audit using
✓ Learn what makes your page slow
✓ Page speed optimization
✓ Bounce rate optimization

Email Marketing using Email marketing tools like SumoMe
✓ Collecting Emails of visitors
✓ Introduction to email automation using Paid Tools like GetResponse, GetDrip, LeadPages, etc.

✓ Understanding Link Building
✓ Moz Bar installation for Quick SEO and competition research
✓ Creating Contextual and Non-contextual backlinks manually
✓ Finding influencers in your industry
✓ Introduction to guest posting (White Hat)
✓ Out-reach link building (White Hat)
✓ Stealing your competitor’s backlinks using Ahrefs (Competitor Research)

✓ Freelancing
✓ Creating Services on SEOClerks
✓ Dealing with Clients
✓ Secret to make $1 per twitter account
✓ Other monetization methods

Get hands on with these Premium SEO Tools (Worth more than Rs. 40,000/- per month) for FREE for 1 complete month:
✓ WordAI
✓ Article Forge
✓ LongTail Pro
✓ Grammarly
✓ Moz
✓ SEMRush
✓ More Premium tools

Career Opportunities

If you’re looking forward to set up a digital marketing/SEO business or willing to work as SEO Analyst, SEO Executive, SEO Manager etc. in a reputed company, this Advanced SEO Training in Nepal is going to be a game changer. We make you ready for all the challenges that you’re going to face by providing you with necessary skills and tools. We also provide placement opportunities for our students. Moreover, we also give opportunities to our students to work with us after they graduate from our esteemed organization.

Switch on your growth game with eLance.