Google Ads


Google Ads (PPC)

Google AdWords is one of the most superior paid advertisings, which can get your business more leads and sales over-night. Google AdWords allows you to target the most relevant audience at the most preferable time and in a specific way. Elance gives you an opportunity to spend less with Google Ads and get maximum results in a short interval of time.

Our Process for Faster Results

Step 1

Identify Audience

Find out who your audience is, when & where they are present.

Step 2

Identify Campaign Goals

Choose the best campaign Goal for your AdWords Campaign.

Step 3

Select Google Networks

Spotlight Google networks where your audience is present.

Step 4

Run a Campaign

Based on all the analysis, start a new AdWords Campaign with the right bidding strategy.

Step 5

Monitoring & Analysis

Generate Reports, Analyse & Modify for better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

3 Formats of Google Ads

Here’s what you get when you subscribe for our Google Ads Service in Nepal.

1. Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are the most useful type of ads when your marketing goals is direct sales or lead generation. Our experienced & Google certified campaign managers first determines the most relevant “buying” keywords for your business, and then runs a Search Campaign to meet your marketing goals.



2. Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are the most useful types of ads when your marketing goals are brand awareness, reach, website traffic and brand consideration. Our experienced team of campaign managers display  your banner ads on website, apps, YouTube Channels/videos and all other Google network platforms with highest conversion rates.



3. Google Video Ads

Google Video Ads are the most favoured types of Ads when your marketing goals are Brand awareness and reach, Brand Consideration and Overall business growth. Our experienced team of campaign managers will show your video ads on every possible YouTube networks.



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