Major Changes in Facebook’s Algorithm: Time to UPGRADE your Facebook marketing strategy!

Your Facebook feed is changing soon, as the Meta-verse platform has decided to upgrade it with the evolving media consumption behavior.

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Your Facebook feed is changing soon, as the Meta-verse platform has decided to upgrade it with the evolving media consumption behavior.

Words from Facebook App Chief

The Facebook App Chief: Tom Alison stated “The Home experience will balance both connected content and unconnected content. We’re working to clean up top-of-feed and make it just as easy to see Stories from friends as it is to discover new content in Reels. We’re also exploring a Community Panel to give direct access to the communities you care about most. Finally, we’re testing a product to give you predictable access to your connected Feed, with the ability to sort in chronological order and filter by Groups, Pages, and Friends. Internally we call this “Mr. T” and I’m excited about the progress the team is making.”

Facebook’s looking to incorporate more AI-recommended content into the feed just as TikTok & Reels, based on overall engagement and popularity and not just your personal connections.

Facebook’s also working on bringing more messaging tools back into the main interface, to streamline content sharing.

As explained by Meta (Facebook)

As explained by Meta(Facebook): “The main tab will become a mix of Stories and Reels at the top, followed by posts its discovery engine recommends from across both Facebook and Instagram. It’ll be a more visual, video-heavy experience with clearer prompts to direct message friends a post. To make messaging even more prominent, Facebook is working on placing a user’s Messenger inbox at the top right of the app, undoing the infamous decision to separate the two apps eight years ago.”

Alison describes this shift as a “discovery engine” approach and it will aim to highlight more interesting content in the App, irrespective of your contacts in Facebook.

Statement By Mark Zuckerberg Himself

Meta(Facebook) has already been investing in this upgrade and as Mark Zuckerberg stated himself: “While we’re experiencing an increase in short-form video, we’re also seeing a major shift in feeds from being almost exclusively curated by your social graph or follow graph to now having more of your feed recommended by AI, even if the content wasn’t posted by a friend or someone you follow. Social content from friends and people and businesses you follow will continue being a lot of the most valuable, engaging and differentiated content for our services, but now also being able to accurately recommend content from the whole universe that you don’t follow directly unlocks a large amount of interesting and useful videos and posts that you might have otherwise missed.”

What you need to Understand

This upgrade and change might be a boon for businesses who use Facebook for branding, marketing & sales only if your “CONTENT” has the ability to gain attention. All the content creators and social media marketers must buck up and work more creatively on the content as NOW is the time where you might be able to reach your target audience even without Ads. Make sure your organic content is great to grab attention to ultimately give your business a major boost.

Well, talking about risks which definitely can’t be ignored, the switch to algorithmic recommendations (AI) is far riskier, as getting it wrong can see downfall in engagement fast. But getting it right, as TikTok has shown, can have major benefits.

Another core risk for Facebook, however, will be the amplification of more controversial, sensationalized content, which might perform well in algorithms, but might not be the most savoury material to be showing to its 2.9 billion users.

Well, I am sure Facebook is definitely going to deal with the risks and give us more reels, more product listings and more content from people who are not connected in the App.

So, it’s time to brush up the content creation and creativity to make this BIG CHANGE valuable and worth for all the social media marketers, content creators and businesses who wants to shine bright by using Facebook marketing.

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