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Practical Classes for Graphic Designing for 2023 & Beyond

Welcome to our intensive, one-month Graphic Design Training Course, where creativity meets practicality! Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiast or a marketing professional, this course will help you unlock the power of graphic design to create stunning visuals and tell compelling stories.

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4 Exclusive Modules

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Starts from 4th Sept. 2023

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction to Graphic Design: History and Principles

  • Definition and history of graphic design
  • Basic principles of design: Balance, alignment, contrast, repetition, proximity

Day 2: Fundamentals of Typography

  • Basics of typography
  • Typefaces and fonts, point sizes, line-height and line spacing

Day 3: Colour Theory

  • Basic colour theory: Primary, secondary, tertiary colors
  • Color relationships: Complementary, analogous, triadic, and more

Day 4: Composition and Layout

  • The rule of thirds and golden ratio
  • Grid systems

Day 5: Introduction to Graphic Design Software

  • Overview of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Other alternatives: CorelDraw, Sketch, Affinity Designer

Day 6: Adobe Photoshop: Basics and Tools

  • Understanding the interface
  • Basic tools and their uses

Day 7: Adobe Photoshop: Image Manipulation

  • Layers and blending modes
  • Filters and effects

Day 8: Adobe Illustrator: Basics and Tools

  • Understanding the interface
  • Vector graphics

Day 9: Adobe Illustrator: Creating and Editing Shapes

  • Creating shapes
  • The pen tool and its uses

Day 10: Adobe InDesign: Basics and Tools

  • Understanding the interface
  • Layout design

Day 11: Creating Logos

  • Understanding logos and their importance
  • Techniques for logo design

Day 12: Designing Business Cards and Letterheads

  • Understanding the role of business stationery
  • Techniques for effective business card and letterhead design

Day 13: Designing Posters and Flyers

  • Understanding promotional materials
  • Techniques for effective poster and flyer design

Day 14: Digital Design: Web and Social Media

  • Web design basics
  • Social media graphics

Day 15: Digital Design: Email Newsletters and Banners

  • Understanding digital advertising
  • Designing for email and web banners

Day 16: Introduction to Branding

  • Understanding branding
  • Creating a cohesive visual identity

Day 17: Advanced Photoshop Techniques

  • Photo retouching and restoration
  • Advanced compositing

Day 18: Advanced Illustrator Techniques

  • Using the gradient mesh tool
  • Creating complex vector illustrations

Day 19: Advanced InDesign Techniques

  • Multi-page layout design
  • Preparing files for print

Day 20: Building Your Portfolio

  • Choosing work for your portfolio
  • Presenting your work effectively

Course Highlights

Who is this Training for

Career Opportunities

Graphic design is a high-demand field with diverse career opportunities. Upon successful completion of this training, you’ll have gained a robust set of skills that are not only desirable but essential in many career paths. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect:


Rs. 25,000/-

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Meet The Trainer

Mr. Kushal

Graphic Designer, eLance

A Creative Graphic Designer focused on design projects from concept through final delivery. He has years of industry experience and extensive expertise in creating brand messages, visual strategies, and vital graphic productions. Being a Professional in Designing world, Kushal has poured his skills & real-life experience into designing everything from social media posts to Advertising billboards and banners. Not only that, he has the mastery of bringing the graphics to life with his motion graphic skills and even video editing.

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Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 5,000/- Discount if you Book today.

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